Monday, June 16, 2008

My Beautiful Sunflowers

My beautiful Sunflowers
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I promised you I would show you my Sunflowers when they bloomed. This is a row behind our garden I was hoping they would get tall enough to show above my trellises for the pole beans. They sure did that. They are so pretty. I will defenitely grow more next year and Lord knows I will have enough seed to save. These heads are big. Enough for the birds and for me to save seed to eat and to grow more next year.


Christy said...

They are so beautiful! I've only ever grown small sunflowers in containers. I can't wait to grow whole rows of huge sunflowers and then hide in them!

Eve said...

They are so easy to grow. But if you are going to grow the really tall ones, you will need to stake them. I didn't and a thunderstorm broke some of them down.

Nen said...

oh wow! i loooove sunflowers! beautiful!

thanks for stopping by my blog!!