Friday, June 20, 2008

The mulberry tree at Cambridge, under which, it is said, John Milton wrote his poetry. Since he lived from 1608-74, this has to be a very old tree. But they say it is the same one, so what do I know? I wonder if he wrote "Paradise Lost" under this tree?

I have a lovely Mulberry tree but unfortunately it is growing right on the roadside and close to the power lines, so they come by once a year and whack the tops off. This year, they didn't show up and it was loaded down with mulberries. Birds love them and deposit little purple puddles all over my yard and porches. I love the taste but they stain everything in sight a deep intense purple, so I just let the birds have them.

My first encounter with a Mulberry tree was in a cemetery. We lived in Pine Bluff Arkansas when I was in the fourth grade and just a few blocks down from us was this beautiful cemetery. We played there as children and thought nothing of it. One day we found a bucket and filled it to the brim with mulberries from this tree we were playing under. We took them home to Mama and she made us the best Mulberry cobbler. Later on she asked us where we had found them and we told her the cemetery. She asked us to show her where, so we took her to the place we had picked them. The tree was right beside this grave. Mama turned about ten shades of green and told us to never pick those again. We had no idea why not! They were so good. But adults can be odd so we just ate them and forgot about taking any more home. Now, I know why Mama turned green. LOL


Peggy said...

Maybe I should do more container flowers. The rabbits love nibbling on all the ones around the yard. LOL Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog and will visit often!

Eve said...

It makes my day when someone drops by. This is my first attempt at a blog and I wasn't sure anyone would come by or even find my pathetic remblings, interesting enought to return. LOL

Margo said...

Very nice blog...thanks for visiting mine....I enjoy blogging but do find I do not have enough time to read them many interesting ones...Blessings from Maine

tina said...

Hi Eve, I love that first container but don't do many at all. Mine are blah. You will never see me post about them. But you did post some great ideas.

It takes a while to get a blog going. You will have yours where you want it before you know it. Like gardening, I think blogging is a patience thing. It is also a great way to relate and meet others. I think the blog itself is not always what makes folks return, but the blogger. Just an opinion. Good luck!