Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hanging basket containing a display of purple and white flowers including Diascia, Phlox, Verbena, Lobelia, Reinwardtia and ivy-leaved Pelargonium.

I love hanging baskets. I like to use a big, big basket it gets more attention and you have to water it less. Right now I don't have any planted,,they just hang there, making me feel guilty. I want to get out this weekend and see what kind of flowers I can find. I fully intended to plant a few but I got so involved with the veggie garden, I just didn't take the time.

I really like the mesh type baskets best because when you think about it, most baskets are seen from below and this way, you can poke holes and plants all around the sides. You can buy the natural mesh liners to line your pot. It looks better from below. You will have to line it with plastic to keep it from getting dry so fast, that's the only problem. With the plastic types, you won't need to do this. Insert you plants through the slits cut in both the natural liner and the plastic. Make it stiffer so it is easier to insert by wrapping in a piece of stiff paper.

When it gets dry, take it down and let it soak in a pan of water for a few hours, overnight is better. That way it will get thoroughly and evenly wet. Use slow release fertilizer in your soil. Primp them while you're at it, get rid of dead flowers, trim up the dry or dead foliage..check for disease or insects before you hang it back up. And use a strong support. Plants get really heavy when wet and need the support. I have had a few fall so I know. I messed up one of my favorites in a pot once, broke to smitherins.... And after all your hard work on them,,don't forget to enjoy them.


DP Nguyen said...

Hanging baskets are really pretty. i love them.

Skeeter said...

I enjoy hanging baskets but they do need watering often around here!

this is my patch said...

I do love hanging baskets but I admire other peoples. I am very lapse in keeping a basket watered. Because of this I keep mine simple, and just grow asarinas. One plant fills a basket and needs very little watering. x

Anonymous said...

I love this combination of flowers in a basket

What is the name/variety of the thinner wispy plant trailing up at the top right and bottom right?

And the largest central mauve looks too large to be the diascia. Could you tell me what the name/variety that is as well?