Monday, August 11, 2008


So, I'm making chicken and dressing and Billy walks in. I like fresh chopped parsley in my dressing so I ask him if he would mind getting me some fresh parsley off the back porch. I hand him a bowl and the scissors I use to cut my herbs. "Just cut it all back because I will dry what I don't use" I told him. Parsley grows back really quickly so by the time I need more there will be plenty of new growth.

In a few minutes he comes back in, bearing not a bowl of parsley but my entire basil plant. He had cut it all off. I looked at him in total disbelief. I was going to pot it up a pretty pot after cutting back where it is trying to seed. I really don't need the seed, I have plenty but I can carry this plant through the Winter if I just pot it up and bring it in on the colder days. Oh well, I do have more out in the garden, just not the same type. I think the roots still have time to make another anyway before it gets too cold. At least he left the roots. LOL... Bless his heart, he thought I said basil. I let him off the hook but next time, I think I will attend to the herbs. For now, I hung the stems upside down with a nice piece of twine and will just let them dry.


Susie said...

Poor Billy-at least he was trying to help.

Dave said...

I'm sorry for your loss! I love having a basil plant around to use when you need it. I wish it could grow outside longer here like in your neck of the woods!

JunieRose2005 said...


That's a bit funny! lol- but I can understand your dismay! I DO like to have dried herbs hanging at my window, though.


tina said...

Those herbs will get the guys everytime. I am sure he did hear basil (or was thinking it at least).

Lib said...

I Love basil!
Must be the name lol my Dh Bill doesn't know a weed from a herb, flower etc. Hes slowly
Have a great wk.

Skeeter said...

Poor Billy, I bet he felt horrible about what he had done.

The Saint’s mom had her own Floral Business while he was living at home. One time she sent him out for flowers and he brought her back weeds!

So we have a saying around here; When ever I send him to the store for something, I say, “Now dont bring me back weeds”! Some times he comes back with the wrong thing and before he opens the bag, he will tell me he thinks he has weeds… We both get a chuckle out of that one.

Hey, you gotta give a guy credit for trying!

Anonymous said...

And that is why it is easier to do these things myself. :) That's why I mow the grass, so my plants don't get mowed over by my boys. lol

DP Nguyen said...

Awww, poor Billy!!! It does sound like something my boyfriend would do. A total mistake.. lol. So funny. That's so neat about drying the herbs

Brenda Kula said...

I've found that asking a person of the male species to do most anything is a futile act in and of itself! I know just how you feel!

Doris said...

lol... I can't understand why you gave Billy a pair of scissors to begin with, you know get gets all happy with something sharp in his hands,lol. So instead of poor Billy it should be poor Eve. lol

JoyceAnn said...

Oh no , I would never send my hubby to gather herbs. No telling what he would come back with.
Hoping it grows back bushier than ever for you.

~ Blessings ~

Gail said...

My husband and I had a discussion about mowing over plants! I know they'll grow back...but I sure like him to mow and don't want to have to do that job!


Sweet Repose said...

I have no pests of any kind at my, my parsley is another story, I am fighting the battle of the monarch caterpillar...they love parsley and Queen Anne's Lace. I just transport them to the local milkweed and they seem happy enough.


Teresa said...

That is SO funny. I can just see my own husband doing the same thing; not because he didn't hear me clearly (that's another story!) but because he has no idea what parsley looks like compared to basil.

Rose said...

This sounds just like something my husband would do! Only he wouldn't know the difference between parsley and basil anyway:)

Just saw your Sunday post; I really like the "tin can" garden. What do you have planted in them?

cinnamongirl93 said...

Agh! I feel your pain! Maybe you can purchase a basil plant and put it outdoors. You have a pretty long growing season.

P.S. I love your picture on top of your page!!!!!

Eve said...

cinnamongirl. That is the Sunflowers I grew behind my garden this year. They did get tall.

Rae said...

Hi Eve! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm so glad to come and visit you too!

This is just the funniest. I too love basil and have it growing in my garden. I can just see my darling hubby doing something like yours!

Renna said...

That is almost funny! ;-Þ

I learned years ago to be outside with my husband anytime he gets out the pruning shears. He lives with the belief that more is always better.

Anonymous said...