Saturday, August 30, 2008


I love being surprised with a boquet of flowers. But the plant surprises that just show up in my yard are great too. We had a little shrub just sprang up a couple of years ago. It is so beautiful now. I still don't know what it is but it has these nice glossy leaves and a dark green color but no blooms yet. I think we might have brought the seed in with some old manure we added to our soil. I also had some purple heart just spring up after I planted some potted plants I bought at Lowes. I think birds spread seed around too. At any rate, it is always fun to see them.

Sometimes I know what they are and sometimes I have no idea. A pretty little plant is growing in my Lantana bed. It is just hiding up under all that foliage. It has these pretty little yellow flowers that look a lot like violets. I didn't plant it although I did plant some johnny jump ups earlier in the spring. This is much bigger though. Lantana springs up in the most surprising places. Herbs will spring up everywhere too. I have basil and thyme coming up all over the place and lemon balm is growing back where I pulled it out at the beginning of summer. That's good, because I really like it now but at the time I wanted the room for chives.

Another surprise I had this year was finding a vine with gorgeous little white flowers, blooming around my mailbox pole. We have a rural mailbox and I always planned on decorating it with flowers but never did. I hope it comes back next year. I am hoping for a new mailbox too. One the mailman will actually close shut. : )


PGL said...

That's what make gardening so much fun is all the surprises. :)

Susie said...

You know Eve our mailman never shuts our mailbox either. That really erks when it's been raining.

I love flower surprises! Sounds to me like the birds have helped you out alot.

You guys take care over the next few days and try to be as safe as possible.

Lucy Stern said...

Eve, it looks like the "cone of uncertainty" is moving a little westward. I sure hope it doesn't hit here. Where ever it hits, someone is going to get a lot of rain and a ton of wind.....Don't wait too late to leave, the roads are going to be jammed. I was just at the ham radio store and met a man that just got here from just north of Lake Poncetrain (I know that is not spelled right) and he is staying with a daughter on the South side of Houston. I sure hope he doesn't wish he had stayed in LA.

Please take care: full tank of gas, drinking water, batteries, flashlights, some cash and of course a lot of prayers. Keep in touch.

Brenda Kula said...

Maybe your secret to all this is truly in the manure! Have a great holiday weekend!

DP Nguyen said...

I do love the fun surprises and cool plants that pop up in the garden from time to time. sorry about your mailman, that is really frustrating.

Lib said...

Hi Eve,
I love spring up plants always a nice surprise.:o) I have some cream colored violets, my Dad transplanted here yrs. ago. I'd never seen them before or since.
I hope ya'll are safe from the Hurricane. Praying you will be.
Hope ya'll have a great wk.end.
Blessins', Lib
Thanks for visiting and praying for Michelle&Family.

tina said...

Little surprises are nice! The white flower around your mailbox-do the flowers look like morning glories? If so it might be bindweed; which is a very pretty vine.

Eve said...

Tina, I just looked bindweed up and it is smaller than that. Almost like honeysuckles.

Cosmo said...

Hi, Eve--Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you as Gustav moves through the Gulf--I hope all is well.

Thanks for the note about my blank posting--it was an experiment I thought I'd deleted--the blog's in better shape, now.

Any chance the mystery vine is sweet autumn clematis? It self seeds really easily.

I know everyone's hoping Gustav does minimal damage wherever he lands.

Best, Cosmo

Sarah Laurence said...

Eve, I love bouquets and garden surprises too. Some birds must have planted wild low-bush blueberries in our woods and raspberries in my herb patch. I love the wildflowers that pop up all the time even if I can't identify them. That's amazing that you got a whole shrub like that! I do appreciate the gifts of nature.

I replied to your comment about my books on my blog with a more detailed explanation. I don't want you too waste time looking for them as nothing is out yet. I love that you want to read my novels - you totally made me day. Thanks!

cinnamongirl93 said...

It's always a surprise when a volunteer steps forth. Sounds like you have some really pretty unknowns. Maybe it's the birds and also the manure.
I hope all is well in your area. Please be safe.

Me said...

Plants do have a habit of coming up in the strangest places, don't they. I didn't know what was coming up all over the place this spring - it kind of looked like parsley. Turns out it was feverfew - which I didn't mind at all.

Rose said...

I love surprises in the garden, and I've had quite a few this year, too. Sometimes it's a plant that I forgot I planted, but most of the time I have no idea how they got there.

I see that New Orleans has evacuated the city; I do hope that you are safe from the storm.

JunieRose2005 said...


I like finding little unexpected plants pop up!

Hey, hope you're safe from that storm! Will keep you in my thoughts !


Gail said...

Eve, Thinking of you...take care, I am hoping you are reading this from a safe and dry place!

btw, a very nice post, surprises in the garden are a delight!


Joyce said...

Praying for you guys today. Pastor prayed for the gulf coast in church. Stay safe, and know that the rest of the country is thinking about all of you.

Julie said...

I took at succulent wreath making class last year with my S-I-L, and it was a lot of fun. Mine was heart shaped, but I grew impatient waiting for it to grown in, so I took it all apart and planted each specimen in a separate place. I'm bad! :)

Cindy said...

Garden surprises are so much fun! I found a snapdragon blooming under the honeysuckle - a very pleasant surprise!

Carla said...

I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! I had TONS of cockscomb come up from reusing soil while potting, and bachlor buttons surprises!

Julie said...

I am praying for you and your family through all of the storm! Send word to us that you are OK after all is said and done!

Jon said...

I love "volunteers" that come up here and there around my yard too. Lots of my plants reseed, especially poppies and larkspurs, and that's like lagniappe to me.

Hope y'all were spared any damage from Gustav...been thinking about you and people on the Coast and in south Louisiana today. We're just getting light winds and rain here in Vicksburg.
Take care, Jon at Mississippi Garden

Cecilia said...

I think humans are hard-wired to need surprises, a 'boon'. Its much better to arrange to get them from your garden, than a casino. I guess blogging generates surprises: you put things out there, and wait for the world to respond.
I love your site, your way with words and with life.

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