Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ever heard of hypertufa? It is a mix of the following:


Peat moss- 2parts
Portland cement - 1 part
Sand, vermiculite, or perlite - 1 part

Want some great looking pots like these? Here is the link so you can learn how to do this. It is a great way to get pots that look like really old stone without spending the money.


Here's another link you might like. There is a lantern on here, that I would like to make.

Hypertufa gardening


cindee said...

I have always wanted to do these. I haven't done one yet though. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pictures!!!!

Rosa said...

Hi Eve, thanks for stopping by. I'm going to check out your past post on square foot gardening. I have heard of it but it's been awhile. I'm not allowed to do anything permanent at my veggie garden as I rent the plot but I'm sure I can figure something out! :)

Skeeter said...

Those are some big ones!

Eve said...

Yes they are huge. Starting small would probably be better.

Although, I had a friend named Gwen who I taught to knit on Monday and Tuesday she started a bedspread. And she finished it,,so who knows...maybe thinking big is the way to go.

Teresa said...

Buying pots has gotten to be so expensive. This might be the route for me to take in some instances. Thanks for the info!

guild-rez said...

I made Hypertufa pots last year.
Start with smaller bowls and boxes to get a feeling for the material and mixes. It is a dirty job and if possible to have a second person help with mixing and moving.
Please visit my blog and use the search function to see the Hypertufa pot I made.

Jamie Boyle said...

Love your blog!

Making things with hypertufa is not only fun but rewarding. You can get some great looking hypertufa pots and you can make them fairly cheap.

We've been doing them for some time now and I have to tell you, it's fun! Trying to come up with different ideas for things to make with hypertufa and like he said you get that aged looking stone that looks great in your garden.

People should give it a try, use the hypertufa recipe and get ready to get down and dirty :) Ohhh it's not that bad, just pretend your a kid again playing in the mud :)

Hope everyone tries it and have fun making new pieces of art with hypertufa.


Jamie Boyle
Hypertufa Gardener

Hasudihypertufa said...

Recipe; equal parts, PORTLAND CEMENT, peat moss, blend of pearlite, vermiculite (half and half), handful of nylon fibers. Portland cement is the glue and the strength, as the pots age the peat moss deteriorates and leaves voids. With out the strength and glue of the cement and fibers the pots will break and/or deteriorate. For strength and longevity you MUST have PORTLAND CEMENT as a equal ingredient. of course it makes the pots a little heavier but comman sense must prevail if you want your pot to last.