Saturday, July 5, 2008


I covet the Purple Prairie Clover. I just love this flower. But like the other, it grows in the north central portion of the United States, not the Gulf Coast. The flowers start at the bottom and work their way up. Can you imagine this in all it's glory? I will have to repent now, for wanting this flower in my garden. To covet is a sin, even if it is just a flower,,probably. : )

Purple Prairie Clover

And this one... TIDY won't grow in Mississippi. It is the neatest little flower.
A short, hardy annual native to California, but can be grown as far east as Texas is what the garden site says about it.

Tidy Tips


Susie said...


That Tidy Tips looks much like a yellow/white blanket flower(Gaillardia). I've not ever heard ot it before but it looks pretty.

Okay, I have trouble believing you can't grow hibiscus on the coast.

Eve said...

Oh others can, I just haven't been able to...I don't know why either. I am going to give it one more go. Maybe the last ones were in the wrong spot. I can grow the Confederate Rose tree and it is in the same family as the ones Billy likes. I have two of those. Royal Crown is the one he really loves.

guild-rez said...

thank you for your visit and comment.
Lovely flowers but not for my garden (North East) and zone 5.
cheers Gisela

Julie said...

Can you grow purple porterweed there??? I have bushes of it, and it also starts out with purple blooms that work their way up a stalk! They bloom only during the daylight hours though...great on the weekends, for me, when I am not working!

Eve said...

julie...I just saw a picture of this on flickr...I think I can, this grows in fla....

See the pic: It is really pretty and does look a lot like that flower: I am going to look for it.