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Recently I wrote about a plant called Yesterday-Today- Tomorrow. I found out it was poisonous and decided against putting it in my yard. I also decided to do some research on other plants I like to see how they stack up in the poison department.

There are many plants that cause an adverse reaction when they are eaten or their sap contacts skin. A partial list of common outdoor plants includes angel trumpet, oleander, poinsettia, Castor bean, autumn crocus, delphinium, bleeding heart, and lily of the valley. Some common indoor plants that are toxic are dieffenbachia, caladium and various species of philodendron.

Some of these I knew and some I didn't. I found out about Oleanders when we wanted to plant them a few years back. They are planted down the middle of one of our highways, here on the Coast and look so pretty. Billy loves them but I just thought it was too big a chance to take with little animals running all over. This was when we lived in the country and not only our little four legged babies but the wildlife could have been at risk.

The University of California provides an extensive list on their Web site.

If you look up the University in your state, you will find info for your local plants. The library of Congress also provides many booklets on this subject. Some you will have to pay for though.

Another useful Web site is one maintained by the ASPCA.

Here is a list of poisonous plants from the South.


But keep in mind that we all do plant things in our yard or garden, with some part of it being poison, like the tomato plant...the fruit are fine but the plant itself can be dangerous if ingested. So take what you can use and throw out the rest as my Mama would say. I just like to know the ones that are dangerous so I can make an educated decision on whether on not to grow them.


Brenda Kula said...

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DP Nguyen said...

Wow! thanks for the info. I'm kinda afraid to touch any unknown plants. Yikes.

Eve said...

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Skeeter said...

I added an Oleander to the garden last year after seeing it in landscapes all over GA and SC.. It almost died on me this spring but is making a slow comeback.

I dont read books but for some reason I felt compelled to read the book “White Oleander” after watching an episode of Oprah and her book club. The Saint was in Bosnia with his Company supporting the military on a mission. I was alone in Germany and decided to take up reading. That was one of several books I read that year he was gone. Me and my cat on the balcony surrounded by flower planters and the Sunshine… I had never heard of oleander until that book. The plot was poisoning a spouse with Oleander! I believe they made a movie from the book…

Eve said...

The movie has the same name as the book. It was a 1999 movie with Renee Zellweger and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Sweet Repose said...

Beautiful plants like this make me really homesick for the gardens of Florida. I had a blast with the plantings and the variety down there, coming from the Midwest, I was in hog heaven.


tina said...

I have most of the plants you listed in my garden. Datura as well. Funny thing is, the bugs aren't bothered at all when eating these poisonous but very pretty things!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Want an interesting post. I never knew some of the plants in my garden were poisonous. Thank you for the info.
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I hope you come and visit my blog again!

Eve said...

Thanks cinnamongirl. I will visit again. I love to knit, just haven't done it in a while.

Renna said...

I appreciate this post. I'd never given thought to poisenous plants in my yard! I'll check my state's list.

All throughout the holiday season each year, our church has potted poinsettias sitting around the sanctuary where many small tots run and play after service. I better check out if that's safe or not!