Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tomato plants 2008 009

tomato plants 2008 009
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This is a grape tomato plant that has 40 tomatoes on one limb! Not mine,,,I wish it was,,,,LOL..it belongs to my BIL John. Going to be some good eating there. I love these but I planted two cherry ones and a single patio one. I couldn't find the grape tomato plants on the day I was buying for my garden. I think I may have planted more than we need but they freeze well...


plantgirl said...

Wow I didn't know grape tomatoes did that - will have to find some. I like your blog - loved the strawberry pie recipe!
~plantgirl of

Eve said...

Thanks, plantgirl...I visited your blog today and read about the bees. Interesting subject and an important one. I also saw the beautiful hummingbird. I love birds and it broke my heart the other day when I saw one of my cats walking with a bird in it's mouth. There is definitely a conflict here. I love them both.