Friday, May 9, 2008

Garden with Trellises on end

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I have trellises, four ft. wide and about 6 feet high on the end of each bed. The first has Kentucky Wonder pole beans,,the second has cucumber and cherry tomatoes and the third is Contender pole beans. I wanted a fourth with blackberry vines but didn't get them in so I will wait until later to plant those.


joco said...

Hi again,

Sadly I am still on dial up and can't deal with flickr as they require you to upload too many pictures at once.

Tell me about the planks around your beds: are they fastened together at all? And how high are they and how do you make them stay upright? Small stakes I presume.
Is the hay a year old or can one use fresh hay?

Eve said...

They are just treated lumber (the new treated kind) that is safe for gardening. We actually just screwed them together. They are 12 inches high and I have small stakes on each side,,two per side. The beds are 12 feet long. I bought a potting mix from a local nursery that sells plants. They were nice enough to sell me some of their wedding mix. I mixed it with some ten year old manure I also bought from another nursery. They know where to get this stuff..ask around..the hay is about three or four years old. This man had it up his loft and wanted to get rid of it...I took it off his hands so quick..
I want use fresh hay. It will sprout weeds. You can use straw if you can find it.