Sunday, May 25, 2008

My herbs

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I am growing herbs on my back porch in one of those sneeze guard stands they use for salads in a fast food place...It works pretty good. I added some potting mix and some organic fertilizer..It has a drain hole which prevents over watering. I have basil, arugula, regular thyme and lemon thyme, dill, parsley, lemon balm, chives and mint and pineapple sage, for regular sage, and rosemary on the other side of my house.

I love drying them, and having a fresh herbs right at your fingertips...I like sliced tomatoes with a little fresh chopped basil and olive oil in top...And of course, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme for dressings and stuffing. Rosemary also goes great with chicken.
I also have some lavender which I grew so I can make some lavender wands. I will put a pic of one of them on, so you can see what they look like...


joco said...

What on earth are those cannon balls you have lying behind your main veg bed?

And did you innocently walk off with one of those salad 'sneeze-guards' from the supermart? ;-)

Eve said...

Oh those? They are these plastic balls that cover lights. Billy was remodeling this hotel or something like that and ask me if I wanted one. Well he brought him about fifty of them. I do have a flower planted in one and it is doing great. I'll put it on in a few posts. The sneeze-guard was a gimmie from a restaurant. It does pay sometimes to have a DH in construction business. : )