Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just a sample of things coming out now

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We are getting yellow squash, lots and lots of beans, zucchini, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes are so good,,,,peppers, cucumbers, and some strawberries if I can beat the birds. LOL...since I was sensible this time, we are getting just the right amount for us plus just a little for the freezer,,,beans, yellow squash and peppers and my main thing I am freezing. And of course tomatoes,. The English peas are pretty much gone now, except for a few for stir fry or salads,,I am going to pull the vines up as soon as I get some pepper plants to put in their place. They were really good while they lasted but since I only planted eight plants,,,didn't expect many. We had a few meals off them,,so they were worth the space.
My watermelon plants have little baby watermelons already and so do the cantaloupes...I planted "Bush Baby" watermelons since there is only the two of us, I didn't want big melons,,this is are just about right for two people to really pig out.. LOL

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